Hatha Yoga Asanas

Hold each pose for about one minute, or as long as comfortable.

  • Eye Exercises
  • Salutation to the Sun, Warrior, Triangular one half and full Standing balance postures stationary or moving
  • Sphinx, Swim, Stick, Inverted Boat
  • Three cobras
  • One half and or full locust
  • Bow
  • Cat and Cow
  • Crazy Cat
  • Head and or shoulder stand, hold for one to five minutes
  • Fish
  • V ups, quick corpse
  • Sit up spread legs front stretch, bring one leg on top of thigh touch opposite foot. Reverse
  • Shooting Bow
  • Butterfly and Six-Pointed Star
  • Plow follow with sitting front toe touch feet together
  • Bridge and or wheel
  • Heroic, cow-face one half spinal twist, switch legs and repeat
  • Wind eliminating, then lay on back put right foot on ceiling. Reverse
  • Back roll side roll, hip roll.

After completing workout you may work on new or advanced asanas. Always finish with the corpse (relaxation).


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