Live in Balance

Experience Tai Chi Chuan, Hatha Yoga and other movement techniques while earning three hours of upper division credit (Theatre 3210). This class is open to all students and has many benefits for Actors, Athletes, Health Practitioners, and others.

Students (both majors and non-majors) explore dance forms, meditation, martial arts applications, balance, relaxation, breathing, and methods of storing and directing energy.

NOTE: The Theatre 3210 course may be repeated up to four times for credit.

The Tai Chi aspects of the course include the choreographed dance forms, for improved balance, coordination, timing and awareness. Chi Kung , for healing, pain relief and increased energy control. Hand-pushing for speed, balance and self-defense.

Watch a Video of the Tai Chi Form

The Hatha Yoga aspects include exercises for health and flexibility. Breathing techniques for increased lung capacity and mind body control. Meditation for improved concentration and emotional well being.

Watch a Video of the Yoga Workout

Check the University of Utah's web site for times and locations. Once registered you may attend other sections as needed. We offer multiple sections every semester.

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Professor William Parkinson
Theater Department


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