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Film by Trent Harris

Beaver Trilogy stars Groovin' Gary, Sean Penn

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"Best Independent/Experimental Film of 2001"
Los Angeles Critics Association

"A rivitingly strange, multilayered inquiry into celebrity, obsesseion, and serendipity."

A.O. Scott- New York Times

"Filmmaker Trent Harris is a genuine maverick who has poisted his first piece of genius."
The Times London - James Christopher

"Of all the films that have ever been or will be, nothing compares to Beaver Trilogy."
Sundance Film Festival

Beaver Trilogy is a series of three pieces about the same subject, a young man from a small town called Beaver who is obsessed with Olivia Newton John. The first piece is a docmumentary. The second piece, shot with a home video camera, is a dramatic work based on the documentary starring Sean Penn. The third piece is yet another dramatic work, this time starring Crispin Glover.

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