Warcraft II Building Orders

N' den de grate Oger-Mage Zeek n' Dez sed ta me, "Joss n' Jot, ye knowz dat ta get dere de firztezt wid de moztezt, ye muzt know what ta do at all timez," they pauzed lon enuf ta rip an haplezz Peazant ta tiny leettle bitz, "n' tell ye what ta do at all timez we'll do!"

There'z nothin' to Grunt ruzhez. Juzt Zeek n' Deztroy!

--Zeek n' Dez, Ogre-Mage of the Laughing Skull Clan

Open Land Building Orders:

The open land building orders assume that you are required to build a Town Hall First and may not Peon rush. They also assume that you can get to your enemies without having to chop or to blast through to them. If you have to chop or to blast through to reach your enemies, you probably want to build a second or even a third Town Hall immediately to build more Peons while he's unable to take advantage of your early defenselessness.

Open Sea Building Orders:

Building orders on the open sea are a lot fuzzier than building orders on land. Once you have the Shipyard, you want at least three or four Oil Tankers working on the Oil Platform. On low, don't build the Foundry too soon, build the Oil Platform first. On medium, you have the time to put out a couple of Oil Tankers before your Foundry's done.
  • On Low Resources
    On low, the most important thing is this: You have the time to build a lot of Oil Tankers before you can build a Battleship, so do it! With that many Oil Tankers, you will need a second Shipyard around the time you build your Barracks to build more ships (including Transports).

    Here's how to start on low:
    • Build Town Hall (lumber bug).
    • Build Farm1.
    • Put Peasant1 on gold.
    • Put Peasant2 on gold.
    • Put Peasant3, Peasant4 on lumber.
    • Put Peasant5 on gold.
    • Build Farm2 with the Peasant who brings in the 250th lumber.
    • Put Peasant who finishes the Farm2 on gold.
    • Put Peasant6 on lumber.
    • Put Peasant7 on lumber.
    • Build Farm3 with the Peasant who brings in the 300th lumber.
    • Put Peasant8 on gold.
    • Put Peasant9 on lumber (continue to build Peasants, alternate between gold and lumber).
    • Put the Peasant who finishes Farm3 on lumber.
    • Build Lumber Mill with the Peasant who brings in the 450th lumber (lumber bug).
    • Build Shipyard.
  • On Medium Resources
    Open sea building on medium is a lot like open sea building on low, except that you can get a first Battleship out before you build your Oil Platform. Most medium building orders make the mistake of putting too much into getting the first Battleship out first. It takes a while to find and rip down a Shipyard or Foundry. The great sacrifices some building orders make to get the first Battleship out are just not worth the few early (and rather pointless) shots on the Oil Platform.

    Here's how to start on medium:
    • Build Town Hall (lumber bug).
    • Build Farm1.
    • Put Peasant1 on gold.
    • Put Peasant2 on gold.
    • Build Farm2 with Peasant3.
    • Build Lumber Mill with Peasant4 (lumber bug).
    • Put Peasant5 on gold.
    • When Peasant3 finishes Farm2, put him on lumber.
    • Put Peasant6 on lumber.
    • Build Farm3 with Peasant7.
    • Put Peasant8 on gold.
    • When Peasant4 finishes Lumber Mill, put him on lumber.
    • Put Peasant9 on gold.
    • When Peasant7 finishes Farm3, build Shipyard with him.
    • Put Peasant10 on lumber.
    • Build Farm4 with Peasant11.
    • Put Peasant12 on gold.
    • Put Peasant13 on gold.
    • Put Peasant14 on lumber.
  • On High Resources
    I don't play sea on high. Too much depends on guessing here. It is even more of a rock-paper-scissors game than land on high.

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