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Tazewell County Historical Society

Last Update: July 11, 1998

DISCLAIMER: The following information regarding the "Tazewell County Historical Society" is provided as a service. The Tazewell County Historical Society (TCHS) has no connection whatsoever with the "Peery Family History Home Page," "Peery Cousins Newsletter Online," or "Peery Cousins Online." The information shown is taken from publications of the "Tazewell County Historical Society." It is believed to be correct and has been obtained from sources we consider reliable. We do not represent, however, that it is accurate or complete and it should not be considered as such. Any questions or queries regarding the Society (TCHS) should be addressed directly to them at the address provided below.
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Seal of the Tazewell County Historical Society

Tazewell County Historical Society

The Tazewell County Historical Society is a non-profit organization established in 1987 for the gathering, maintenance and distribution of information pertaining to the county from its early days to the present. It is thought to be a successor to the Jeffersonville Historical Society.

It serves to keep history alive, bring together people who are interested in local history, and to accumulate and make available material published about the area. It collects and indexes historical material, records historical material, and promotes tourism. The organization has developed a speaker's bureau, collects oral histories of the area, and acts as a clearinghouse for genealogical research.

The society has over 200 members nationwide and is growing in membership. They publish the "Tazewell County Historical Society Newsletter," a quarterly publication edited by Louise Leslie.

Officers - 1995-96
President - Terry W. Mullins - From the President, March 1996.
Vice President - Bettie Byrd St Clair
Recording Secretary - Charlotte Puckett
Corresponding Secretary - Louise Leslie
Treasurer - Thomas Hatcher

Board of Directors
Thomas Hatcher
Gladys Horton
Charlotte Puckett
Susie Shrader
Patricia Surface
Irma Webb

Standing Committee Chairmen
Publications - Laurie Surface, Patricia Surface
Cemetery - Charlotte Puckett
Fashion Shows - Nancy Peery
Grounds -
Interior Operations - Bettie Byrd St Clair
Building Maintenance - Anthony Stephens & Robert Gemmell
Newsletter - Louise Leslie, Patricia Surface & Louise McKinney
Scholarship - Anna Lee Neel
Scrapbook - Susie Shrader
Publicity - Louise Leslie
Local Tours - Bettie Byrd St Clair
Open House - Susie Shrader
Travel Tours - Robert Gemmell
Witten House - Bettie Byrd St Clair
Membership - Anthony Stephens
Book Inventory - Anthony Stephens
Greever House
100 East Main Street
Tazewell, Virginia 24651
(540) 988-4069

Membership and Newsletter
If you wish to become a member of the Tazewell County Historical Society and subscriber to the quarterly Newsletter, the annual dues are $12.00. Lifetime dues (in one payment) are $125.00.

The Tazewell County Historical Society meets monthly, on the first Sunday at 2:30 p.m., at Society Headquarters. Members, guests and friends are welcomed. The Tazewell County Historical Society Newsletter is distributed quarterly to members. See the publications list and order form for availability of back issues.

Membership in the Society is for the calendar year. Dues are payable in advance to the Treasurer. Members joining after January cannot be guaranteed availability of back issues.

Please address communications to:

Tazewell County Historical Society
P.O. Box 916
Tazewell, VA 24651

(540) 988-4069

The Tazewell County Historical Society has published many books pertaining to the history of the county. Many are available for purchase. Related publications may also be available through them. Titles will be added to the following list as they become known.

Tazewell County Historical Society
Publications List
March 1996
  1. An Album of Tazewell County, Virginia (1989) - $30.00
  2. Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia, Part 1, 1991 - $30.00
  3. Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia, Part 2, 1991 - $30.00
  4. Still Another Album of Tazewell County, Virginia, 1993 - $30.00
  5. Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia - 1800 to 1922, by J.N. Harman (reprint) - $48.00
  6. Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell County, Virginia, by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis, 1973, reprinted 1992 - $40.00
  7. Captives of Abbs Valley by James Moore Brown, reprint 1991 - $35.00
  8. Cemeteries of Western Tazewell County, Vol. 1 - $25.00
  9. Cemeteries of Western Tazewell County, Vol. 2 - $25.00
  10. Death Records of 1853 to 1873, by Thurman and Ruth Boyd Wilson - $25.00
  11. Harman Genealogy Southern Branch, 1700 to 1920 with - Biographical Sketches - $20.00
  12. History of Tazewell Co. and Southwest, Va. 1784 to 1920 - $30.00
  13. Hunter's Fiery Raid Through Va. Valleys, by Gary Walker - $30.00
  14. Pisgah United Methodist Church - $30.00
  15. Marriages of Tazewell Co. 1800 to 1853, by Pauline Haga - $15.00
  16. Marriages of Tazewell Co. 1854 to 1866, with name of parents - when available - $10.00
  17. Tazewell County, reprint 1995 with index added, by Louise Leslie (Johnson City, Tennessee: Overmountain Press, 1982, 1992), 786 pages - $40.00

Add $3.00 per book for shipping and handling. Virginia residents add 4.50% sales tax.

Tazewell County Historical Society
Supplemental Publications
March 1996
  1. The War in Southwest Va. 1861 to 1865, by Gary Walker - $24.00
  2. Census of Tazewell County, Virginia 1850 - $25.00
  3. Census of Tazewell County, Virginia 1860 - $25.00
  4. Census of Tazewell County, Virginia 1880 - $30.00
  5. Newsletter Reprints 1988 - $10.00
  6. Newsletter Reprints 1989 to 1995 - each $12.00
  7. 35 Centuries of Burks (Burke's Garden) - $15.00
  8. 12 Notecards, with county scenes drawn in pen and ink - by Sally Moss - per pack $3.00
  9. Early Coal Mines of Pocahontas, Virginia - $ 9.95
  10. Mountain Mist - $14.00
  11. "Denvil Mullins" Times of Used to be - $ 9.95
  12. The Cornfields of Coaley Creek - $ 9.95
  13. Echoes of Appalachia - $ 9.95
  14. Civil War Tales - $24.95

Tazewell County Historical Society
Additional Publications
March 1996
History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia 1748-1920
By William C. Pendleton (Johnson City, Tennessee: Overmountain Press, 1920, 1989), 720 pages with index. Originally published in 1920 and reprinted in 1989 with index by Overmountain Press. - $48.00
Tazewell County, Virginia Heritage Book, Volume 1 (1995).
All families with the then present residence, former residence or roots in Tazewell County were invited in 1994 by the TCHS Heritage Book Committee to submit their family history for entry into this publication. The book includes church, club or organization histories; communities, historical buildings, education; military history, special events, sports topics, etc. - $49.00

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