Tazewell County Cemeteries

Peery Family Gravesites Located in Tazewell County, Virginia

  1. Lutheran Cemetery (Burke's Garden, Tazewell County, VA) - Family of Thomas Peery, III.
  2. Maplewood Cemetery (Tazewell, Tazewell County, VA) - George Campbell Peery, Governor of Virginia (1934-1938).
  3. Cemetery (Pisgah, Tazewell County, VA) - Family of Gilbert M. Peery, wife, Susan Sawyers Peery - They are the grandparents and parents of Eloise Peery Hall, along with brothers, sisters and their husbands and wives and children. Emily Harman, first wife of James E. Peery is here (1867-1887). Emily is daughter of Susan Vance Harman (Erastus French). James Peery's second wife was Alice Lynch (1859-1939). Other family members are listed with dates.
  4. Peery-Bailey Cemetery - Witten Valley, near Bundy's Chapel
  5. Major David Peery Cemetery - Private Cemetery (Four Way, North Tazewell, Tazewell County, VA) - Monument for Family of Major David Peery (1778-1862) and Eleanor Harman (1787-1862), and one of their eight children, Henry Harman Peery (1812-1831), and Jonathan Peery, possibly David's brother.
  6. Peery Cemetery - Fairground Road, Tazewell.
  7. Peery-Higginbotham Cemetery - Also known as David H. Peery Cemetery - Burke's Garden, VA
  8. Samuel Peery Cemetery - The old Sam Peery Place.
  9. Peery-Whitley Cemetery - Under construction.
  10. Wynn-Peery Cemetery

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