Peery Participation in Enslavement

Tazewell County, Virginia

Here is a collection of selected histories, research reports and letters that contribute to our knowledge of Peerys participating in slave ownership during that period in American History, culminating with the Civil War in the 1860s. Enslavement was practiced in Virginia in the 1700s and 1800s. Virginia citizens played a leading role in the fight against the abolition of slavery and were defeated.




  1. S. Paul Peery, Orlando, FL, Dec. 16, 1996 - Historical Report - Slaves in Tazewell County, Virginia. Peery ownership of slaves. Personal Property Tax Lists 1800-1860. Census data of 1840 for Tazewell County. County record documentation. Names of individual Peery slave owners. Names and ages of their slaves and how many owned in specific years.
  2. Sonia L. Walker's - African American researcher - In her E-mail message of July 20, 1997, she provides insight into the enslavement issue. Additional resources.

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