Processing of requests for membership in Peery Cousins Online have been completed. New members have been listed in the confidential PCO Directory and the Internet distribution list. Welcoming messages have been sent to each new member, requesting information for the Directory. As the information is received, it will be entered. The next Directory, to be dated October 31, 1999, will be distributed to PCO members in four parts: A-D, E-M, N-R, S-Z.
    [Wed, October 27, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Family History and Peery Cousins Online now have a new e-mail address:
    Please make note of it. This address replaces all previous e-mail addresses.
    [Wed, October 27, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Cousins Online has been on hold since last May. I am currently in transition, relocating to another state. PCO membership requests have been received and will be processed in due course. There is much information to be added to the Peery Family History Home Page, which will be done down the road. Those who have contributed content for the Web site need to know that the data is appreciated, but time restraints have slowed the processing.

    Due to mergers and acquisitions and competitive services provided by Internet Service Providers, the selection of a permanent ISP is under review. We expect to end up with either EarthLink or MindSpring, two ISPs I have been testing that have announced a signed definitive agreement to merge. I am member of USAA and may lean in that direction for their ISP service.

    Thank you for your continued patience during this transitional period.
    [Thur, October 14, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Maintenance changes will likely result in September being the time for sending out an updated set of the Peery Cousins Directory and renewing the periodic distribution of the Peery Cousins Newsletter Online..
    [Sun, August 15, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Effective today, I have a new E-mail address:
    Today, I finished replacing the old address wherever it was located in my Web site, the Peery Family History Home Page. Now all I have to do is to move via FTP all the files at my ISP being discontinued to my new ISP, Earthlink Sprint. No small task.
    [Sun, August 15, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    The following PCO e-mail addresses bounced today:,,,,, and . Please advise of corrections, or replacements.
    [Mon, May 24, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    The world's largest family history collection made its debut on the Internet today. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making nearly 400 million names of deceased people available at its new FamilySearch World Wide Web site. There are links to census, military, immigration and legal records, and many other sources. The FamilySearch site is Church-subsidized. International Business Machines Corp. is hosting the Web site and supplying the computer hardware to operate it.

    For further information see: Yahoo Daily News, The Salt Lake Tribune, and MSNBC.
    [Mon, May 24, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Cousins Newsletter Online, No. 5-3, dated May 15, 1999, was broadcast to PCO members today.
    [Sat, May 15, 1999 -- P.D. Peery, Editor/Publisher; P.L. Boyer Production Editor]

    The second issue of the Newsletted in 1999 was distributed to PCO members on Sun, May 2, 1999, using 192 e-mail addresses in the PCO Internet Distribution List. About 9 addresses bounced (4.69%). P.L. Boyer, Production Editor, assembled the bulk of Issue 5-2, dated April 30, 1999. I added content and fine tuned it. Those wishing to submit queries and information for publication in a future issue may send them to either of us. With PCO membership nearing two-hundred, the outreach is not insignificant. Members are encouraged to communicate directly with one another.
    [Revised - Sat, May 15, 1999 -- P.D. Peery, Editor/Publisher]

    The new Directory, divided into four segments, will be needing a fifth segment to maintain balance for file byte size (about 25K) and pages (7 to 8). This is better for printouts. The information added has been tightly entered in order to save space in ASCII format. Some PCO members will be reformatting the Directory using their word processor. After printing, some may find it helpful to use color markers to highlight information. I use six different colors for this purpose.
    [Thur, April 29, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Cousins Newletter Online, Vol. 5, No. 1, dated April 1, 1999, with a file size of approximately 49k, was broadcast to PCO members today. All members with good e-mail addresses, as listed in the recently updated PCO Internet Distribution List, should have received a copy. This the first of periodic issues to be distributed during 1999.

    If any member knows of another member who did not receive the issue, please let him/her know to send me an e-mail message to ensure I have the current/correct e-mail address.
    [Fri, April 16, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Samuel W. Keys, son of S.W. and Katherine Peery Keys of Glade Spring, Washington County, Virginia, passed away on Thursday, April 8, 1999, in Sun City, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Keys. Nephew Andy Mark is a member of PCO; his brother, Steven Mark, is a former member. Sam descends from Thomas Peery (#1), who emigrated from Scotland/Ireland and settled in Virginia in 1740-42.
    [Mon, April 12, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Today, the four divisional segments of the updated confidential Peery Cousins Directory will have been distributed to all PCO members who have good e-mail accounts. The Internet Distribution List is currently in operation. If any PCO member has not received the set of Directories sent from April 8 through today, your e-mail address is not in the Internet Distributuion List. Send me an e-mail to let me know so I can correct it. If you did not respond to the Roll Call, you may be removed for that reason, regardless. We now have approximately 180 membership listings, which takes a lot of time to manage.
    [Sun, April 11, 1999 -- PDPeery]

  14. PCO DIRECTORY No. 60
    The reshaping of and entering data to the expanded Peery Cousins Directory has resulted in dividing the Directory into four parts, divided alphabetically -- A-D, E-M, N-R, S-Z. The file size for each segment will be in the 20k to 25k range. The first segment, A-D, will be distributed in the next few days, to be followed by the other segments as they are completed. Information from the Roll Call will be included. In some cases, the data received has been extensive. Only direct lines will be included in the Directory for space reasons. The Newsletter will be used to distribute much of the other information.

    The Directory is expcted to be of value to PCO members in assisting them in their family history and genealogical research.
    [Thu, April 8, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Any PCO member who did not receive the e-mail message sent on Wed, April 1, 1999, with the subject heading "PCO Administration 1", has a bad e-mail address and needs to send a replacement to me. Without a good e-mail address, the member will be removed from the Directory. Such member can be reinstated by submitting a good e-mail address.
    [Sat, April 3, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    From our backlog, fifteen new members have been welcomed during the past several weeks. Invitations have been sent to several more. As a result of the e-mail ping test on April 1, some ten e-mails were bad and bounced. Member names associated with the bounced e-mails will be removed from the confidential Directory. On balance, membership remains in the 180 range.
    [Sat, April 3, 1999 -- PDPeery]

  17. PCO NEWSLETTER Vol. 5, No. 1
    We are about to broadcast the first issue of the Peery Cousins Newsletter Online for 1999. Issues will be periodic this year. Volunteer time is not available for bi-weekly issues. Publication requires an Editor who can spend the long hours required.
    [Fri, April 2, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Today a ping test was sent to all PCO members to check for bad e-mail addresses in the PCO Internet distribution list. Approximately 180 persons are listed. Fifteen to twenty e-mail addresses are expected to bounce, which means either the e-mail account has been closed, or it is not accurate in our distribtuion list. Unless a replacement is provided for a bounced e-mail address, the member listing will be removed from the confidential Peery Cousins Directory.
    [Thu, April 1, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    First Quarter 1999 ends tonight, March 31, 1999. It has been a period during which changes and administrative adjustments have been made in the operations of Peery Cousins Online. No communications have been broadcast to PCO members during this time. These will resume in April, beginning with a ping test to check for accuracy in member e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses are needed as our organization functions on the Internet.
    [Wed, March 31, 1999 -- PDPeery]

  20. PEERY.L Mailing List on ListBot
    PEERY.L was created on InternetExchange's ListBot during the week of March 16, 1999. Those who had subscribed to PEERY-L during the past two years have been invited to join this new semi-automated, moderated mailing list. The purpose is to share Family History and Genealogy information with subscribers. Archived messages are a feature. It is not a membership organization, and is operated under the Peery Family History umbrella. Anyone interested may learn more about it by clicking on PEERY-L just below the Announcement listing on this home page. (Press your back button to return to it.) There is a link in PEERY-L taking you directly to the PEERY.L (New) Web site. PEERY-L (Old) and PEERY.L (New) are two separate names serving their own purpose. PEERY-L messages are located in the Peery Family History Home Page. PEERY.L messages are located on a separate Web site.
    [Thur, March 25, 1999 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Cousins Online is undergoing an administrative transition, moving toward upgrading its organization and publications. The tentative schedule is as follows:

    1. PCO Roll Call - Dec 20, 1998 through January 31, 1999. This was to gather information for and to ensure accuracy in the confidential PCO Directory listings. Reasonable response time was allowed for those traveling, or otherwise away from home during the Roll Call period. We needed information requested. The response to the Roll Call was only fair. Many PCO members ignored it. Records have been checked for past information. Default may result in any non-responsive member being removed from PCO rolls. Volunteers maintain PCO. Members who cannot spend time to respond to a Roll Call appear to lack interest.

    2. PCO Confidential Directory - March 31, 1999 - Will reflect response to the Roll Call. Restructuring allows for expanded, more informative content. The Directory is tightly presented, divided into four alphabetical groupings because of size. It is the control document for PCO operations. This Directory will not be dividend into family groupings as previously planned. This reflects the Roll Call response.

    3. PCO Internet Distribution List - This is being coordinated and matched with the updated PCO Directory.

    4. PCO Newsletter Online - Subject to the response to the Roll Call, the presentation was to have been restructured into two formats: 1) HTML and 2) Plain Text (ASCII). HTML allows the use of graphics, color and sound, much like a Web site. Plain Text is what we have been using. There are insufficient PCO members with HTML capability, obviating the plan to develop an HTML version of the Newsletter. Time does not allow running parallel issues. This goes on the back burner.

      Bi-weekly issues can no longer be produced. In the future, the Newsletter will be distributed periodically when ready, with no set time frame. Consideration has been given to shutting it down until such time as a new Editor becomes available. There is no prospect, nor is there any assurance such person will ever become available. Editor is a demanding position for a volunteer, requiring commitment and devotion to the task. While we recognize there is sufficient PCO member interest to keep it going, the question is who will do it?

      The first 1999 issue, Vol. 5, No. 1, is scheduled to be distributed on or about March 1, 1999, or when the Internet distribution list is ready, as mentioned above.

    5. New Members - New members have not been processed on a regular basis during the First Quarter transition period as planned. They are to be included in the new Directory, however.

    Upon completion of these improvements and developments, it is expected that PCO will be positioned with refined service capability to its members. What can be offered to members is subject to volunteers. For those interested, details are presented below at PCO Expanson - Call for Volunteers.
    [Thur, March 25, 1999 - Paul D. Peery, President, Peery Cousins Online]

    Judy B. Anderson, member of PCO, has published over many years editions of her compiled work, Virginia Connections: A Genealogical History of the Thompson-Ward Family Originating in Southwest Virginia (Bountiful, Utah: Family History Publishers, 1992), 832 pages, with index. Hardbound. The book is a revision and enlargement of two earlier books: Virginia Connections - 1722 to 1986, and Virginia Connections II.

    Copies of the book are available for purchase from the author/compiler. The regular price is $60.00, including shipping and handling. Those who mention seeing this announcement and members of PCO will be given a 15 percent discount, with a price of $51.00, including shipping and handling. Contact: Judy B. Anderson
    [Thur, Jan 7, 1999 - PDPeery]

    The next issue of the confidential Peery Cousins Directory will contain expanded information, condensed into a new format. PCO member listings will be grouped into five sections. Four will be for those descending from the four immigrant Scots-Irish Peery brothers -- John, Thomas, James and George (all #1) --, plus a general fifth category for those descending from other Peerys, or otherwised not identified with an early Peery.

    The new directory will reflect the information provided by members responding to the current Roll Call, now in progress, which will continue through January 31, 1999 to allow for those traveling during this time of year.
    [Sun, Jan 3, 1999 - PDPeery]


    Roll Call
    On Sun, Dec 20, 1998 a Roll Call was distributed to PCO members, now in progress. The purpose is to confirm continued interest by individual members in Peery Cousins Online, to upgrade the information in the confidential Peery Cousins Directory, and to prepare for upgraded formatting of the Newsletter. If members have any questions regarding the Roll Call, please contact Roll Call Editor.

    Consideration is being given to grouping in the Directory those PCO members having a Peery connection to John, Thomas, James and George (all #1). A fifth category will be used for those who have been unable to establish a connection to one of these four Scots-Irish immigrant brothers. The current Roll Call requests your connection all the way down to you. Once reorganized and tightly expanded, it is believed the Directory will become more useful as a working research tool. This should enable members to identify for contacting those with similar interests. We also wish to recognize Peery connections beyond the four brothers.

    Maintaining an active, viable, interested membership with emphasis placed upon individual Peery research needs is our ongoing plan. The creation of separate Internet Distribution Lists appropriate for both HTML and Plain Text issues of the Newsletter are also underway. Development will take place during 1999.

    In further preparation for upgrading our publications and maintaining an interested membership, during the first quarter 1999 a Questionnaire will be distributed to PCO members. The results will lead to furthering our plans for improvements, currently on the drawing board for 1999. Our publications and services will reflect the response. PCO is growing, open to new members. Volunteers are needed to support our activities.
    [Fri, Jan 1, 1999 - PDPeery]

    Today, two special supplements containing the genealogical research by Judy B. Anderson were distributed by e-mail to PCO members. These files contain extensive information on her Peery connections. The author/compiler is a member of PCO. She has published over many years, editions of her work "Virginia Connections." Copies of the book are available for purchase from her at Anderson Books
    [Thur, Dec 31, 1998 - PDPeery]

    PCO would like to expand its coverage as a benefit to members. Opportunities are now available to PCO members who wish to become more involved in the organization. We are hoping those who have desired, or offered to help can find in the following list a position meaningful to them. Contact directly with the person named is suggested to those with a specific interest. This is an initial, flexible list, subject to change. We are not limited to it. There is no assurance, that all of these positions will be filled.

      Peery Cousins Directory and Membership
      Volunteers would work with Paul D. Peery, President
    • Member Coordinator - A-C - (29)>br>
    • Member Coordinator - D-K - (22)
    • Member Coordinator - L-O - (29)
    • Member Coordinator - Peery (only) - (40)
    • Member Coordinator - P-S - (26)
    • Member Coordinator - T-Z - (21)
    • Current Membership - Total 170
      Contact: Paul D. Peery

      Peery Cousins Newsletter Online
      Volunteers would work with Penny L. Boyer, Production Director
    • Production Editor - Thomas Peery #1 - Coordinate/Format Messagaes
    • Production Editor - James Peery #1 - Coordinate/Format Messages
    • Production Editor - George Peery #1 - Coordinate/Format Messages
    • Production Editor - John Peery #1 - Coordinate/Format Messages
    • Features Editor - Develop/Coordinate/Format Series (e.g. "Generations")
      Contact: P.L. Boyer

      Peery Research
      Volunteers would work with S. Paul Peery, VP Research
    • Research Associate - Thomas Peery #1 - Coordinate Research
    • Research Associate - James Peery #1 - Coordinate Research
    • Research Associate - George Peery #1 - Coordinate Research
    • Research Associate - John Peery #1 - Coordinate Research
    • Research Associate - Special Assignments
    • Research Associate - Assignments of Choice
      Contact: S. Paul Peery

    [Fri, Dec 4, 1998 - PDPeery]

    PCO will soon announce assignment opportunities available for volunteers. Needed are members who desire to become more involved in our organization. With volunteer assistance, PCO can maintain and increase the depth of services to members in 1999.

    If you are interested in taking on the responsibility of a choice of assignments for 1999, please let me know via e-mail. It could take some of your time. Time, of course, is a limiting factor in all that we do. Participation through service, however, can be gratifying to the participant.
    [Mon, Nov 30, 1998 -- Paul D. Peery]

  28. .

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving Day Song - To Grammas House
    Thanksgiving Day Song - Little Turkey in the Straw
    Thanksgiving Day Song - We Gather Together

    Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to all 170 members of
    Peery Cousins Online.

    Paul D. Peery, President - Peery Cousins Online

    The latest version of ICQ ("I seek you"), the popular messaging program that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time is now available for download from various sources. It is free. Over 24 million downloads have taken place with version 98a beta 1.30, dated June 21, 1998. The full size is 1.6MB.

    You can seek out friends on the ICQ network by entering their ICQ number or their name, nickname, or email address. c|net says "ICQ is so popular it's starting to scare us.

    Peery Cousins Online has begun to initiate use of ICQ for live online communications among its members. It was originally introduced to me last January by Jim Brand, a PCO member, during a time when I was heavily involved in time consuming PCO matters. Last Friday, it came to my attention again in a current news story about ICQ that I read on the Internet. You will be learning more about it from this Web site. For now, I refer you to my Commentary section where I write more about it.
    [Sun, Nov 15, 1998 -- PDPeery]

    Questions regarding the use of Net-Minder have been received. This service provides an E-mail response to registered users. They are notified when an update occurs in the Web page. For further information, please refer to the Whats New? section of this Home Page.
    [Sun, Nov 15, 1998 -- PDPeery]

    Peery Cousins Newsletter Online, No. 4-20, dated October 31, 1998, was distributed today to members of Peery Cousins Online. Joseph R. Phelan, Editor/Publisher and Penny L. Boyer, Asst. Editor, volunteer their time to prepare the bi-weekly issues.

    Content for publication largely comes from material submitted by PCO members. The members may be requesting assistance in their research, helping another by responding to a query, or presenting material that may be useful to others. The Newsletter has proven to be an important benefit for members of Peery Cousins Online.

    The purpose of PCO from its founding on September 1, 1994 with seven members has been to share information among those with similar genealogical and family history interests. The focus was on the PEERY surname, with membership limited to those having a Peery connection. On December 31, 1994, the Newsletter was begun as a medium to pass along information to the membership and to stimulate activity. Starting from scratch, the publication grew to became recognized early on and has succeeded in carrying out its purpose.

    Joseph Phelan and Penny Boyer will be completing a full year of publication on December 31, 1998. What will happen thereafter has yet to be determined. Since it is volunteer work, there is a need for commitment on those taking part in its publication. They have committed for 1998. A review of the situation for 1999 is in order, including what might be done to improve the Newsletter. If you wish to become part of the Newsletter team, contact Joseph Phelan or Penny Boyer.

    Among other things, it has been suggested that the Newsletter be published on the Internet by being placed in this Peery Family History Home Page where four sample issues have been presented for some time. They are located in the Peery Cousins Online section of this Web site. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed by the management.
    [Mon, Nov 2, 1998 -- PDPeery]

    Directory No. 55, dated November 2, 1998, was distributed to PCO members today. Membership has increased to 162, representing 37 states and 3 foreign countries. Information is needed to complete listings for some PCO members. Send updates of listings to Joseph R. Phelan. His e-mail address is:
    [Mon, Nov 2, 1998 -- Paul D. Peery, President, Peery Cousins Online]

  33. PCO NEWSLETTER BACK ISSUES - 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 - DISCONTINUED
    Members of Peery Cousins Online desiring to have all back issues of Newsletters have the option of sending (DOS formatted) 1.44MB DS/HD 3.5" diskettes, or one 100MB ZIP disk in an appropriate disk mailer, with return postage, to: Peery Family History, P.O. Box 58195, Salt Lake City, UT 84158

    The diskettes or disk will be loaded with ASCII (plain text) files, using DOS format. Members who send a MAC formatted disk will receive back a DOS formatted disk. The disks will be prepared and returned as time permits.

    Many PCO members have taken advantage of the opportunity to obtain back issues of the Newsletter. For those editing them in a word processor, it may be helpful to know that setting your margins to L14, R14 may let you see the ASCII format in good form. A readme file will be included with the Newsletter files.
    [Fri, Jan 1, 1999 -- PDPeery]

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