Book - Virginia Connections

Virginia Connections

A Genealogical History of the Thompson-Ward Family Originating in Southwest Virginia

1992 Revised and Enlarged Edition

By Judy B. Anderson

The complete title of my book is: Virginia Connections -- a Genealogical History of the Thompson-Ward Family Originating in Southwest Virginia. It is a revision and enlargement of two books I did earlier called Virginia Connection - 1722 to 1986, and Virginia Connections II. It is hardbound, with a total of 832 pages, which includes the index.

Part I

It has been done in three parts. Part I deals with the Thompson Family and the descendants of William Thompson and his two wives, Jane Buchanan and Lydia Graham. As part of Part I there are biographical sketches concerning those ancestors who fed into the line -- Bowen, Davidson, Davis, Harman, Peery and Smith. There are also 4 appendices: Bible and Cemetery Records for the Thompson Family; extended pedigree charts, showing descendants through about 4 generations from the parent ancestor; charts showing some cemetery layouts, early land settlements in Tazewell County and copies of letter showing the surname and/or given name of his wifes, etc.; and maps indicating the various county divisions from before 1790 to 1983, Burkes Garden, Tazewell County, Wythe County and the Davis Fancy property boundaries.

Part II

Part II deals with the descendants of James Ward of Augusta County through is son William. Two of his sons were David Ward with his two wives, Jane Cravens and Eleanor Clancy. It also deals with the descendants of William Ward of Wythe County, brother of David, and his wife Jane Watson. [I have since discovered the name of the Watson parent, but it is not in the book.]

Part III

Part III deals with the descendants of James Ward of Augusta County through his sons James and John Ward, most of whom migrated to Kentucky and Tennessee and further west. It has 4 appendixes: Bible and cemetery records for the Wards of southwest Virginia; various deeds, copies of letters, wills and pertinent documents; extended pedigree charts; and miscellaneous documents pertaining to the Kentucky and Tennessee Ward.

There is biographical material for as many as I found biographical material for.

There are some Thompson and Ward pictures; an extensive bibliography, a brief addendum of Ward material sent after the book was ready to go to the publishers, and as mentioned previously, an index.

The book was privately published by myself and a distant Ward relative in Oklahoma who, when she found out what I was doing, offered to help with it if I would include her family material. However, she wanted no credit for her help. It was printed by Family History Publishers in Bountiful in 1992. The cost of the book is $60.00, which includes postage and handling, and may be ordered from: Judy B. Anderson, 4485 South 2025 West, Roy, UT 84067. - June 21, 1997.
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