Sphere on a Table

The original is 16 by 20 inches on a roughly 20 count fabric.

It is done with black yarn and white yarn with no grey being used.

The pattern was designed by John Halleck, and it was executed by him as his first needlepoint project.

As a project worked on irregularly, it took several years.

The original is now owned by, and in the possession of, Susan Dawson of "Sue's Stitches".
Picture of needlepoint shading study of a sphere on a table in black and white
click on image above for LARGE (600K) detailed version

The shading was modeled partly on what Computer Science folk call "Dithered" shading, and partly on what they call "Error Distribution" shading. The original pattern was then hand modified to match the realities of possible needlepoint stitches.

Problems with the Piece

It was a first project.

It is stitched on a piece of waste canvas...

Originally it was started without a frame... then it was left on a frame many times for as much as a year at a time, and parts show uneven stretching from this.

Some guide markings were put on the canvas with a green felt tipped pen which has bled through as little green dots over one part of the work.

It has the normal beginner's mistakes of uneven tension, and some parts have severe thread twist problems.

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