(p>q)>((r>p)>(r>q)) [CCpqCCrpCrq]

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This axiom is also called B, since it corresponds to Curry and Fey's "B" combinator. [Hindley and Meredith, 1990, pg 91] In terms of combinators, B is:
B x y z => X (Y Z)

This axiom is also called "T pre", and like its relative (p>q) > ((q>r)>(p>r)) ("T suf") in the presence of Uniform Substitution and detachment (for >) they yield the rule if |- p>q and |- q>r infer |- p>r . [Chidgey, 1973, page 273]

In the presence of either of the rules:

Or the axiom:

then T pre and T suf are equivalent. (And not in a whole of other cases -JH) [Chidgey, 1973, page 273]

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