Cave Survey Code in C:

Cave Survey Code

This directory contains computer code in "C" for cave survey related functions. (And some non-survey housekeeping.)


This code is still being worked on, and may change from day to day.

No warranty, express or implied, should be assumed for these code fragments. They are for educational and demonstration purposes, and may contain major errors.

Before sending in an error report on a routine, make sure you have the current version.

Recent Changes

Recent changes

Full Distribution

It is, at best, a pain to down load each routine one at a time as html pages. Because of this there is also a Survey Routine Unix C Tarball of the complete distribution. (There is also a GNU zip'ed version and a bzip2'd version of the C tarball.

Routines that are almost ready for review have .html files to go with them. Routines that don't have matching .html files are still being debugged, and may not even compile.


Programs: Various programs. (Not yet very useful) Mostly just quick hacks I've put together to make it easier for me to prepare examples.


Error handling: Routines to handle error codes.

Vectors: Routines to handle vectors.


Survey 3d stuff (coordinates, weights, covariances)



Unit conversions

Coordinate Transformations


Weighted averages

Distributing based on weights.


FAST Euclidean Norm (Distance between points) (Done in a very numericly stable fashion)

Housekeeping routines for test programs

Projects that use this code

Cave Survey Project

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