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What's Here?

(I do some trivial Braille transcription, but I don't have a transcriptionists certificate, but I'm working on it.)

I have a lot of interest in computer production of Braille, but I rarely actually do anything on the topic..

This page is here so that what little I do can be of use to other people.

Currently the only thing here is a pointer to a collection of Ada (The computer language) definitions and basic routines (Plus the test routines for them.) Anyone interested in using them should contact me (So I know who's using them.) I am interested in any feedback (Good, Bad, or otherwise) on the code.

Actual Code Directory, sorry they aren't more complete.

I may add more here as I have time.

Loose Ends

My heart felt appologies to Gwen, who was responsible for my original interest in the topic.

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