Address Harvester Boobytrap

The only link in all my pages that points to this page is a pointer on my home page that has as a title the null string. Since no standard browser I know of even bothers to put such a link out, it is unlikely to be followed by a human being. (If you did follow it, you have my apologies.)

This page was not intended for people to read, although you are welcome to do so.

What is this page?

I really object to "Web Crawlers" that go around trying to harvest email addresses for spammers.

This page is my answer to part of the problem.

This page is marked with the "Robot Exclusion Protocol" so that legitimate web crawlers will ignore it. Therefore it should not show up in the results of any web search. (IF you got here as the result of a web search, please inform me of what server has it.)

Because web crawlers have been specificly instructed to ignore this page, the addresses below will only be looked at by programs intentionally ignoring the rules.

The purpose of this page is to look like a harvestable web page to the spambots, so that they will harvest the email addresses on it. This will cause them to add the addresses below to their spam list, so they can be tracked.

Harvest these addresses Spambot!

Here, have some addresses: <He><He>

Our local SPAM investigation group. If they send to this address, we can just block them without waiting for our users to complain that a spam is in progress.

Loopback the mail to the abuse address on their own host.

Also loop it back to their own postmaster.

Since this will be used by Spammers, the only address on the local machine that is likely to work is the "sales address".

And if their nameserver expands "localhost" they might be interested in local copies to their postmaster, abuse, and sales addresses.

There is a group in the Federal Trade Commission that is charged with investigating spam. I'm sure that they'd want spammers to include them. (Or possibly their abuse address might.)

Nowadays there are automated services that you can report spam to. (Such as SpamCop) You can report it to Spamcop Reporting Services at if you want to do your part.

I am, of course, quite willing to accept suggestions for other addresses that might be usefull here.

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