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I have been a fan of Ada since it was first proposed. I became more of a fan after the changes in 1995. These pages are my collected Ada code and some notes.

Although I've made some effort to work on these, I make no claim that they are right. I make no warranty of any sort for these.

Some are even in progress (marked below)

I would appreciate feedback on anything you find here.

Licensing and Warranty

You may use this code in your projects (commercial or otherwise) subject to the understanding that you give appropriate credit to me in the documentation. And that you understand that there is no warranty whatsoever, implied or otherwise, on this software.

An example appropriate credit is: (note that it includes WHICH code is being referenced)

This product uses code for [WHATEVER] written by John Halleck, which is being used by his permission.

It would, as a matter of politeness, be nice to drop me a line and tell me what you have used it in.

If you have links, make them to here rather than to anything further down I reserve the right to move and rename directories below this.


There is a Unix tarball of the entire collection, and a Compressed tarball

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