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A collection of Ada routines for dealing with Braille. There is not much here, but someone may find that the tables may save them some typing.

I use a few nonstandard terms below. One is "Psudo-Braille", which is Braille as it would appear on a printer.

Example of Psudo-Braille Graphic:

*. *. ** ** *.
.. *. .. .* .*
.. .. .. .. ..

End Example


Braille Specification This package has the basic specifications of a braille cell, and gives names to the various Braille characters.

Braille.ASCII Specification This package translates the underlying braille cells to the "Braille ASCII" characters used to drive most of the Braille printers and embossers that can hook to a computer.

Braille.Contractions Specification Body This package has some of the contractions defined.

Braille.Display Specification Body Routines to translate from Braille to Psudo-Braille.

Braille.Display.Print Specification Body Routine to dump a line of Braille to the printer as Psudo-Braille.

Test Routines

Braille_ASCII_Test Test routine for Braille.Display

Braille_Display_Test Test routine for Braille.Display

Braille_Display_Print_Test Test routine for Braille.Display.Print

There is also a Unix Tar file of this code, and compressed version.

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