World Wide Web Search Directories

There are several outstanding general purpose directories or libraries of WWW information which provide good starting points for any search of the Web.

Alta Vista from Digital Equipment Corporation. Includes over 16 million pages and 13 thousand Usenet newsgroups.
The Argus Clearinghouse is the premier Internet Research Library providing access to subject oriented resource guides including this one. It is an invaluable tool for anyone using the internet for research purposes.
EINET Galaxy.
Exite Web Search.
GNN-Web Review.
GNN-Whole Internet Catalog. Mirror.
HotBot. A service of Inktomi and HotWired that claims to index the full text of each of the more than 50 million web pages, Usenet newsgroups, and e-mail lists.
Infomine: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections.
InfoSeek Net Search. Includes 1 million pages and requires a service fee.
JumpCity Internet Search.
Lycos Search Engine.
Open Text Search.
Magellan Web Search.
SEARCH.COM from C-Net Online. A comprehensive search engine that links to all of the major and most specialty search engines on the web.
Smart Form Comprehensive Search Engine. Searches most major search engines from one convenient location.
Web Crawler.
WWW Virtual Library.
The Yahoo Directory.

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