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Coptic Christianity

Coptic Christianity.
Coptic Christianity Network. COPT-NET is an E-Journal published quarterly that discusses news, activities and services of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Topics include the history of the Church and its leaders, Coptic traditions, art, architecture, and archaeology. For information and subscriptions contact Azer Bestavos. It is archived. Frequently Asked Questions About Copt-Net.
The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt. An introduction and a front end to the Copt-Net FTP archives.
Coptic Society Links.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.


Orthodox Christianity. ORTHODOX is dedicated to the thoughtful exchange of ideas concerning Orthodox Christianity worldwide. Particular attention is paid to the rise of Christianity in Russia and her neighbors.The body of the message should be subscribe ORTHODOX firstname lastname.

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