Societies and Organizations

American Arab Scientific Society Newsletter is a quarterly E-Journal devoted to presentign news and information on the development of Arab communities. For more information and subscriptions contact Abdelsalam Heddaya. It is archived. American Arab Scientific Society Homepage.
American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA).
Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. The ADC is devoted to protecting the civil liberties of Arab-Americans. For more information contact the ADC.
The Arab American Institute is a Washington D.C. based lobbying organization on issues of concern to Arab-Americans, specifically, and Arabs, generally.
Arab Center of Washington Charter.
Arab Net Television and Radio.
Arab Organization for Human Rights. Mirror.
The Arab Society of Princeton University.
Arab Student Organization of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Association of Arab-American University Graduates. Email.
Boston Committee on the Middle East. A Page on Justice in the Middle East.
Council for the National Interest.
The Foundation for Middle East Peace publishes a bi-weelky newsletter entitled "Report on Israeli Settlement Activities in the Occupied Territories." The body of the message should be subscribe SETTLEMENTS-L firstname lastname. Previous issues are archived.
Gulf Cooperation Çouncil Netizens Page from Sany M. Zakharia.
The Middle East Childrens Alliance is a Berkeley, California based charitable and peace activist organization.
Middle East Online Information can be reached through Fayez Abu-Hilal at the Association for Progressive Computing.
Middle East Resource Center from the Global Publishing Group.
The Middle East Justice Network.
Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) publishers of the Middle East Report, a bimonthly magazine on the Middle East.
The Middle East Water Information Network (MEWIN) at the University of Pennsylvania operates a World Wide Web page on all water issues in the Middle East. MEWIN can be reached by e-mail.
The Near Eastern Alliance is a non-profit public benefit corportation whose purpose is to promote and facilitate charitable, educational and other public benefit services to the Near Eastern communities of California. Contact Sarah Yeraka for more information.
Office of International Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This is an introductary page from the OICJ discussing a new publication on Extremist Groups. The example presented is the entry on Hamas from the book.
Peacnet Middle East is a subnetwork of PeaceNet. Peacenet Middle East can also be reached by e-mail. PeaceNet helps the peace, social justice, and human rights communities throughout the world communicate and cooperate more effectively. It is a repository of current information on disarmament, economic justice, human rights, news and analysis of events around the world.
US-Arab Chamber of Commerce.
USS Liberty Home Page.

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