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Algeria News List. ALGNEWS contains news about Algeria in French. Material reflects official Algerian positions and is thus potentially biased but it is very informative. The body of the message should be subscribe ALGNEWS firstname lastname.


AfricaNews Online. This comprehensive news service is produced by the Africa News Service a non-profit news agency which has operated since 1973.
Africa News and Information Service. AFRICA-N contains news briefs and analysis of African issues. The body of the message should be subscribe AFRICA-N firstname lastname.
Africa News Service. The body of the message should be subscribe AFRIQNEWS firstname lastname.
Rapide, African newspapers site.
Sudan News and Views Newsletter.

Arabian or Persian Gulf

Al-Ayyam Bahraini newspaper.
Al-Ittihad newspaper from United Arab Emirates.
Al-Sharaq Al-Awsat Arabic Newspaper.
Gulf states Newsletter from the Arab Gulf Centre of the University of Exeter.

Business and Economics

Arabia Online News Service based in Jordan provides business, art and culture journals including:

Arabian African Contracts and Tenders (AACT) details concise current construction project information on a fortnightly and monthly basis. Areas covered include Leisure, Medical and Educational facilities, Housing, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Infrastructure works, Water and Sewage, Petrochemical and Power. For further information contact Tony Degazon.
Arabian Computer News (ACN) details current news events effecting the Middle East computer industry. Subscription fees are US$50 per year. Contact the owner, Tony Degazon to request an order form.
Asia Online. Business information from Asia Business News a joint venture between Dow Jones and Asia's largest cable television company.
Computer News of the Middle East from the Global Publishing Group.
Middle East Business Report.
Privatization in the Middle East and North Africa Newsletter.

Central Asia

Azerbaijan News Service provides news from the Turan News Agency in Baku, Azerbaijan. This list is run by the Azerbaijan Aydinlig Association of Berkeley California. For more information and subscription information contact the maintainer, Farid H. Miandoab.
Ecostan News Service. ECOSTAN is a monthly newsletter on democratization and civil society in Karakalpakstan, Kazakhstan, Hyrgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The body of the message should be subscribe ECOSTAN firstname lastname. Indicate preferred format plain ASCII text or Microsoft Word for Macintosh.
Misc.News.RFERL-RFE USENET newsgroup providing Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty news.
Open Media Research Institute Daily Digest of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. OMRI-L is a digest of the RFE/RL from the Open Media Research Institute, a joint public-private venture between the Open Society Institute and the US Board for International Broadcasting. OMRI-L provides news and infromation on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics. The body of the message should be subscribe OMRI-L firstname lastname.


The Egyptian Gazette.


Al-Hussam News.
Al-Moharer Al-Australi. An International Electronic Journal that seeks to expand free discussion of ideas opposing the "New World Order" which utilizes the international alternative press for source material. The service is run by Fouad Elhage.
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.
Al-Sirat al-mustaqim
Al-Watan Arabic Newspaper.
AlterNet and the Institute for Alternative Journalism.
Arab Media Internet Network (AMIN). A Jerusalem based project sponsored by InterNews distributing news and information from Palestinian and other Arab media sources. Material in Arabic will require Arabic system software.
Arabic Newsstand.
AraMedia Group.
Boston Committee on the Middle East News and Analysis.
Center for Defense Information. A Washington, DC based think tank dealing with US and international defense issues.
The Electronic Embassy, A Program of TeleDiplomacy, Inc.
Electronic Middle East Insight. EMEI is an electronic publication from the pages of Middle East Insight, a bi-monthly magazine. The service will feature full text articles from the magazine including interviews, news, and analysis. The subject of the message should be subscribe EMEI and the subject of the message should be your email address.
The Electronic Telegraph (UK) Online Newspaper. This requires a registration but is free.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).
Issues in ME and World Affairs.
International Election News.
Middle East and International Affairs Uncensored Web Journal.
Le Monde Diplomatique (Archives des articles: classement par pays).
Middle East Newsflash. NEWSFLASH is a source for breaking news in the Middle East. The body of the message should be subscribe NEWSFLASH firstname lastname.
Misc.Activism.Progressive USENET newsgroup providing alternative news.
Nation Magazine. NATION-L contains articles from the print magazine Nation dealing with a wide variety of US and international political subjects. The body of the message should be subscribe NATION-L firstname lastname.
Newslink. This comprehensive service contains Newspapers (major metro, local, foreign, and campus); Broadcasts (radio, television, virtual, and foreign); Magazines (news, business, computer,and social); Special Links (news organizations, journalism organizations, and newsletters).
Rand Middle East Reports (Abstracts).
Shanti Communications Multimedia News Agency offers a text based (with pictures, video and sound coming soon) news service with emphasis on global issues. Contact Parveez Syed for more information.
The United Nations Online.
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The Washington Report provides news and analysis of the region provided by the American Educational Trust a non-profit foundation founded by retired US foreign service officers. Fo information contact the administrator.


NetIran Iran news & culture server
Tehran Times


Ar-Rassed. AR-RASSED provides news and analysis from an Islamic perspective. The body of the message should be subscribe AR-RASSED firstname lastname.
Islamica: Journal of the Islamic Students Organization of LSE.
Islamic Information and News Network. MUSLIMS is a weekly Islamic news and information service that provides news, essays, and opinions on issues of concern to Muslims. It is maintained by Asim Mughal. The body of the message should be subscribe MUSLIMS firstname lastname.
Islam News. ISLAM-NEWS provides news related to Islam in English. Submissions. The body of the message should be subscribe ISLAM-NEWS firstname lastname.
Islamic World News. IMNET is issued twice per week and provides news updates, analysis, book reviews, essays and opinions from readers. It is published by the International Muslim Student Union, Seattle Washington. It is maintained by Ahmed E. Souaiaia. The body of the message should be subscribe IMNET firstname lastname.
Muslim Student Association (MSA) News. MSANEWS provides complete coverage of Islam, Muslims, and the Muslim world. This is perhaps the single largest source of news coverage on the Middle East available on the internet. It is maintained by the MSA of Ohio State University. Comments to the editors. Submissions. Archive. The body of the message should be subscribe MSANEWS firstname lastname.


Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem.
Israeline. ISRAELINE is a compilation of Israeli press coverage in English. Coverage is somewhat biased but is generally good. It is compiled by the Israeli Consulate. The body of the message should be subscribe ISRAELINE firstname lastname.
Israel-Mideast. ISRAEL-MIDEAST deals with Israeli and Middle Eastern issues, including media clips, editorials, and information, from an Israeli persepctive. The body of the message should be subscribe ISRAEL-MIDEAST firstname lastname.
Jerusalem Post.


Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation.
Lebanon News a monthly news service.
Mustaqbal Television of Lebanon. Also known as Future Television (FTV).


Jana Libyan News Agency.


Al-Akhbar Daily/Weekly News. AL-AKHBAR contains news briefs about the Palestine and the Middle East. The body of the message should be subscribe AL-AKHBAR firstname lastname. Past issues of Al-Akhbar can also be accessed from the Al-Quds gopher or from the Islamic Association for Palestine World Wide Web server.
Al-Ayyam Palestinian newspaper.


Pakistan News Service. PAKISTAN provides news articles on Pakistan and the Middle East. Clips from Radio Pakistan and Pakistani newspapers, digests of news from other sources and other information are provided. The list is owned by Nauman Mysorewala, Asim Mughal, and Syed Irfan Ashraf. The body of the message should be subscribe PAKISTAN firstname lastname.


Somalia News Update is an irregular E-Journal (although it is published as least biweekly) devoted to critical discussion of events in Somalia. For more information and subscriptions contact the maintainer. Back issues are available in the archive.


Tunisia Information. TUNINFO contains news and information from the Tunisian Information Office primarily in French. The body of the message should be subscribe TUNINFO firstname lastname.


Global Haberler in Turkish.
Turkish News. TRKNWS-L is a more news oriented offshoot of the Turkish E-Mail List managed by the Turkish Radio Hour, KUSF-FM. News is in both English and Turkish. It is archived. The body of the message should be subscribe TRKNWS-L firstname lastname.
Turkish Times.

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