General Regional Resources

Alamouna: Our Arab World.
Ancient Near East Resources.
Arab American Links.
Arab and Middle Eastern Links.
Arabic Language and Islamic Software.
Arab-American List. ARAB-AMERICAN is designed to foster and build community amongst Americans of Arab descent. Any topic of discussion directly relating to the experience of Arab-Americans is welcome. The list is moderated by Andrea Nixon and Cheryl Abdullah. The body of the message should be subscribe ARAB-AMERICAN firstname lastname.
The Arabic Macintosh Computing and Middle East Research Page by Knut S. Vikor of the Univerisity of Bergen (Norway).
Arab Net.
ArabPlex: Windows on the Arab World.
"Arab World" Home Page from Saud Alhajeri.
Arab World Resources from Antoun Kanawati.
The CyberHarem. TCH is a mailing list devoted to providing a forum for communication, friendship, and fun for women who are interested in any way in the Middle East. TCH is devoted to providing a safe place for women to talk although subscriptions are open to anyone. Contact the maintainer, Fazia Begum Rizvi, for application materials to be sent to you by email. It should be noted that the name for the group has caused some controversy online.
Encyclopedia Arabica.
Middle East and Central Asian Media Discussion. MEDIA-EAST is a discussion group dedicated to the media (including newspaper, magazine and book publishing; radio, television, and the cinema; music publishing; and electronic networks) of the Middle East and Central Asia. MEDIA-EAST will emphasize all aspects of the print and electronic media without regard to ethnic, religious, or political orientations. The body of the message should be subscribe .
Middle East Information. MOINFO-I is a list dedicated to discussing the issues of concern to students of the Middle East. The discussion is in Dutch. The body of the message should be subscribe MOINFO-I firstname lastname.
Middle East Librarians List. MELANET is a discussion forum for administrators of Middle East libraries. The body of the message should be subscribe MELANET firstname lastname.
Middle East Water List. MEH2O-L is a discussion group for information and research related to water in the Middle East. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: limnology; oceanography; marine biotechnology; aquaculture (marine and freshwater); conservation; reclamation; wetlands development; ecological aspects; shared resource management; notice of upcoming conference and seminars; and policy issues. The list is maintained by Robert Chasan. The body of the message should be subscribe MEH20-L firstname lastname.
Middle East Water Information network
Middle Eastern Music List. MIDDLE-EASTERN-MUSIC discusses all aspects of music in the Middle East. The body of the message should be subscribe MIDDLE-EASTERN-MUSIC firstname lastname.
Model League of Arab States Information Page of Winthrop Univeristy. Contains information and internet links for League of Arab States Countries and several non-League states.
Nekuda E-Journal is an academic journal published elecronically in Israel on Jewish sttlements in Judea, Samaria, the West Bank and Gaza. Articles are also welcome dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict in general. For more information and subscription contact Zvi Lando with a brief introductory biography.
Peace Pipeline (J.W. Sutherlin), paper.
Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC). Information technology webserver for Egypt and other Arab countries. For more information contact Randa Zarif or Ossama El Hadary.
Salaam-v-Shalom. SALAAM-V-SHALOM is a mailing list devoted to the thoughtful and reasoned discussion of Middle Eastern peace. The list is designed to promote meaningful dialog between Arabs and Jews interested in peace in the region. The list is moderated by by Marshall Kragen and Tony Shawish. The body of the message should be subscribe SALAAM-V-SHALOM firstname lastname.
Soc.Culture.Arabic USENET newsgroup.
Soc.Culture.Berber USENET newsgroup.
Soc.Culture.Maghreb USENET newsgroup.
TalKnow Dialogue List. TALKNOW is a list devoted to creating a dialogue between Jewish/Israeli Children and Arab/Palestinian Children. The list is open to all children under grade 12. Adults who subscribe may not contribute to the list but may listen in. The list is moderated by Marshall Kragen, Tony Shawish, and Cheryl Abdullah. The body of the message should be subscribe TALKNOW firstname lastname.
Talk.Politics.Mideast USENET newsgroup.
TradeWave Corporation's World Communities Information Page.
Water disputes in the Jordan Basin (S. Libiszewski), paper.
Water Issues Group from the School of Oriental and African Studies.
Yahala: Middle East Internet Directory.

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