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Fertile Crescent Home Page. Mirror.
Hammurabi's Page for Syriac and Aramaic.
Soc.Culture.Syria a USENET newsgroup. Soc.Culture.Syria Newsgroup Homepage.
Syria Net. The site is maintained by Michael Gassner in Germany.
Syrian Studies Group's Syria Net. SYRIA-NET is devoted to the discussion of Syria, in all epochs and in all academic disciplines. The list seeks to promote conferences, discuss research findings and past conferences, and other related activities of the field. Contributions to Syria-Net are encouraged. Syria is defined, by the Syrian Studies Group, as whatever it was in the time period under consideration. Send subscription requests to the moderator, Gloria I. Saliba. The body of the message should be subscribe SYRIA-NET firstname lastname and should include a statement about institutional affiliation and interests.

Personal Home Pages

Naim Antaki's Home Page.

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