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Birzeit University. Located 26km north of Jerusalem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Birzeit University is an independent Palestinian institution. The site is one of only a few sources of information on Palestine from Palestine on the internet. The web site includes information about Birzeit, information on information technology in Palestine, University Archives, and Palestinian Archives. For information contact the Webmaster or the Public Relations Office. Birzeit sends out human rights action requests and press releases and a human rights newsletter among other articles and information. Additional information is available on on human rights at the university and the Women's Studies program. A listserv is being designed and will be running soon.
Institute for Palestine Studies.


Al-Quds is a bulletin board system that will deals with Palestinian issues. Yaser K. Doleh is the maintainer of this site.
Baraka, a Palestinian bulletin board system,is for the support of Non-Governmental Organizations that includes the Alternative Information Center, the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, and the Mandela Institute for Political Prisoners.
Fertile Crescent Home Page. Mirror.
Friends of Palestine Homepage (Washington State University).
General Union of Palestinian Students (United Kingdom).
Islamic Association for Palestine.
The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and IPCRI London are think tanks on Palestinian and Israeli issues.
The Jewish Arab Dialogue in Europe Project is a United Nations affiliated non-governmental organization.
Palestinian Development Information Network.
Palestine-Net is a very lively and active discussion list for friends of the Palestinian people. News, debates, and friendly discussion is the norm. Send subscription request to the P-Net Steering Committee. The body of the message should be subscribe P-NET firstname lastname. Other important addresses:

Palestinian Refugee Issues. FOFOGNET is a list maintained by the Inter-University Consortium for Arab Studies in Montreal in support of research projects on Palestinian refugee issues. It is maintained by Rex Brynen of McGill University (). The body of the message should be subscribe FOFOGNET firstname lastname and should include a short biography.
Palestinian Refugee Research Net. PRRN is sponsored by the McGill University International Development Research Center and the Interuniversity Consortium for Arab Studies and is devoted to the Palestinian refugee issue.
The Palestine Solidarity Committee located in Chicago.
Soc.Culture.Palestine a USENET newsgroup.
Society of Palestinian Engineers.
The Union of Palestinian Women's Associations sf North America.
United Palestinian Appeal.

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Ammar Maraqa's Home Page.
Palestinian Test Page by Isam G. Ishaq.

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