Resources on Jordan

Educational Institutions

Jordan University of Science and Technology.


Fertile Crescent Home Page. Mirror.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Page of the Massachussets Institute of Technology from Sami Shalabi.
Jordan News List. JORDANNEWS-L is a discussion group that focuses on issues of concern to Jordanians and about Jordan itself. For information on the list contact the owner. The body of the message should be subscribe JORDANNEWS-L firstname lastname.
Soc.Culture.Jordan USENET newsgroup.
The Star: Jordan's Political, Economic and Cultural Weekly.
Web Server Of The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan.
UNICEF Amman located in Amman, Jordan.

Personal Home Pages

Al-Jawhari (Basel, Khalil, Bashar) Page on Jordan.
Ahmad Z. Abualsamid's Jordanian Page.
Hussein Dia's Jordanian Page.
Mutaz Nabulsi Home Page on Jordan.

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