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The sheer magnitude of the resources about Israel, Judaism, and Judaica coupled with the fact that these resources were already effectively indexed has forced me to only list a paltry few resources here. These resources will lead to the remainder of the resources available.

"The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel".
A-Z of Jewish and Israeli Related Resources. The site is one of the largest collections of internet resources on Jewish and Israeli issues. It is maintained by Matthew Album. An e-mail announcement service is available. The body of the message should be subscribe A-Z-ANNOUNCE firstname lastname. The new additions web server.
Ariga Information Page (News and Opinions on Israel and the Middle East).
Documents about the State of Israel and the Middle East. Includes the Israeli "Declaration of Independence," articles about the PLO, and political relations in the Middle East.
Israeli Archive.
Israeli and Jewish Archive.
The Israeli Information Service is an experimental service from the Information Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. The Gopher server includes material and documents from Israeli official and governmental sources. In the future a listserv, E-Mail, and FTP archives will be available. An e-mail question and answer service is also available. Subject to the volume of questions anwsers may not be immediate.
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affiars.
Jerusalem One is a very extensive collection of resources on Israel and the Middle East of varying degrees of quality (some of the material is excellent and some is of poor quality). The material is primarily geared to an Israeli or Jewish audience. Jerusalem One contains: an extensive collection of News Archives from around the world; an extensive collection of E-Conferences that deal with such disparate issues as Touring Israel, the Arab Media, and a Rabinical Question and Answer forum; a collection of Hebrew Software; a very detailed archive on Holocaust history; a detailed listing of Israeli and Jewish Organizations world wide; information from the Likud Opposition party; and information from AIPAC, the Pro-Israel lobby in Washington, D.C. Zvi Lando is the maintainer.
The Jewish Net Jewish Information Page.
Judaica Collection.
Judiaism and Jewish Resources from NyserNet.
Khazaria Information Center. This service, maintained by Kevin Brook, explores the history of the Khazar Jewish empire (650-1016).
Soc.Culture.Israel USENET newsgroup.
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Museums and Exhibits

The Chabad Art and Picture Gallery.
Israel's Archaeological Resources (University of Connecticut)
Israel's Archaeological Treasures (Israel Information Service)
Museums and Exhibitions in Israel.
Picture Archives of Israel and Jerusalem. Shalomen archive. Jerusalem archive.

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