Resources on Iran and Persia


Iranian and Persian Filmography from the Global Publishing Group.
Persian Poetry from the Global Publishing Group.


Gozaresh Magazine on Science, Economic, and Social Issues in Iran from the Global Publishing Group.
The Iranian Alumni Society (USA).
The Iranian Cultural and Information Center. This site is located at Stanford University and is maintained by Farhad Shakeri.
Iranian Organizations from the Global Publishing Group.
Informatics Society of Iran. ISI is a technical and scientific society for the advancement of computer knowledge in Iran. Iranian students professionals abroad are encouraged to participate in the activities coordinated by ISI. Contact ISI directly in Tehran or contact TehranAnoosh Hosseini.
Iranian Scholars Scientific Information Network. ONEISINF is a project of the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Higher Education under the guidance of Manssour H. Moeinzadeh at the University of Illinois at Urbana. The goal is to provide a forum to exchange scholarly informationincluding conferences, research opportunities in Iran, and email directory of Iranian scholars abroad.
IranNet WWW Server.
Iranian Women's Issues Discussion Group. IWIDG is devoted to the discussion of Iranian women's issues. The body of the message should be subscribe IWIDG firstname lastname.
Persian Student Association of Minnesota. The body of the message should be subscribe PSA-MN firstname lastname.
Persian (Iran) Homepage.
Soc.Culture.Iran USENET newsgroup.

Museums and Exhibits

Islamic Architecture of Isfahan. For more information on this architectural guide and "waking tour" of Isfahan contact the owner.

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