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Amazigh-Net. AMAZIGH-NET is a forum for discussions on any issue related to the Amazigh language, history, and culture. The goals of Amazigh-net is to promote and preserve the Amazigh culture and language. It is hoped that this network will serve as a factor in order to create a constant and cohesive effort towards giving Tamazight and the Amazigh culture the international status they deserve. The body of the message should be subscribe AMAZIGH-NET firstname lastname.
Berber Culture Homepage maintained by Kadda Sahnine.
Cyberjourney into the Amazigh (Berber) Heritage.
RAI Music (Cheb Khaled, Algeria).


The Algerian Home Page.
Algerian Association for Scientific Cooperation.
Algerian Intelligence Community.
Algeria-Net. ALGERIA-NET contains news and discussion of Algeria in French and English. The body of the message should be subscribe ALGERIA-NET firstname lastname. Algeria Net Library.
Algerian Peace Association. APA-NET os a forum for coordinating the efforts of all people interested in solving the actual Algerian Crisis through peaceful means. It contains articles, news, discussions, and organizational information for APA. The body of the message should be subscribe APA firstname lastname.
Algerian Scientists List. AS is a list for Algerian Scientists from around the world. The body of the message should be subscribe AS firstname lastname.
Movement for the Islamic Society in Algeria. Information about MSI programs and links to otr iton about Aleria and Islam.
Soc.Culture.Algeria USENET newsgroup.

Personal Home Pages

Hocine Selhi's Algerian Page.
Hayat Zerkani's Algerian Page.

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