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ArabPlex Religion Resources: General Religion Resources and Organizations. Together these two services provide links to numerous resources on religion and religious studies.
Ibycus Computer Discussion Forum. IBYCUS-L was established to discuss the Ibycus Computer which was established to promote scholarly computing in classics and Biblical studies. The Ibycus Computer is able to display texts in Greek, Hebrew, Coptic and the Latin alphabets. Contact Sterling G. Bjorndahl or William J. McCarthy for more information. The body of the message should be subscribe IBYCUS-L firstname lastname.
Objective Discussion of Religion. OBJ-REL is intended to meet the needs of those who seek information and intelligent discussion on religion. Discussion on OBJ-REL is intended to be centered around such topics as: the existence of God or gods, creationism versus evolution, reasons for the existence of religions, epistemology, religion and government, etc. This discussion is not intended to be a forum for emotional appeals to convert others to your faith, but discussions about the content of your beliefs and the reasons behind those beliefs. The body of the message should be subscribe OBJ-REL firstname lastname.
Religious Studies Forum. ANDERE-L is sponsored by the Religious Studies department at the University of California-Santa Barbara and serves as a forum for the discussion of theories, methods, and approaches to the study of religion, including (but not limited to) the history of religions, sociology of religion, and interdisciplinary methods. The body of the message should be subscribe ANDERE-L firstname lastname.
Religious Studies Publications Journal. CONTENTS publishes information on theses and dissertations, subject bibliographies, syllabi, and other research material in the area of Religious Studies. CONTENTS, an E-Journal, publishes on an irregular basis. For more information contact Michael Strangelove. The body of the message should be subscribe CONTENTS firstname lastname.
Scientific Study of Religion. SSREL-L is a mailing list operated by Donald R. Ploch for academic discussion of the scientific study of religion. The body of the message should be subscribe SSREL-L firstname lastname.

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