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History of the Ancient Mediterranean. ANCIEN-L deals with the history of the Ancient Mediterranean including the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. The body of the message should be subscribe ANCIEN-L firstname lastname.
Historians Network Lists from the University of Illinois-Chicago, Michigan State University, Kansas State University, Purdue University, Northwestern University, and Miami University of Ohio. The H-Net project at maintains more than 20 lists concerned with history subjects typically presented in university history departments. The University of Illinois-Chicago maintains the complete listing of H-Net Lists. Send the following message get h-net announce. The lists at Miami University of Ohio are sponsored by the Cliometric Society. A few of mailing lists of note appear below.

History Computerization Project seeks to promote the use of computers for historical research.
Historical Text Archive of Mississippi State University.
Labyrinth Medieval Studies Web Server at Georgetown University.
Late Antiquities List. LT-ANTIQ is an unmoderated list that provides a discussion forum for topics relating to Late Antiquity (c. AD 260-640). For the purposes of this discussion list, "Late Antiquity" includes the Late Roman, Early Byzantine, Early Medieval, and Early Islamic periods. Geographical coverage extends from Western Europe to the Middle East, and from the Sahara to Russia. Cross disciplinary interaction is particularly encouraged. The list is maintained by Ralph W. Mathisen at the University of South Carolina. The body of the message should be subscribe LT-ANTIQ firstname lastname.
World List. WORLD-L is a forum for the discussion of the teaching, methodology, and theory of a scientific and non-eurocentric world history. It aims to hold regular electronic conferences related to the purpose of the list. The list is maintained by Haines Brown and is archived. The body of the message should be subscribe WORLD-L firstname lastname.

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