Anthropology Resources

Ancient Near East Archaelogy at the University of Connecticut.
Classics and Mediterranean Archaelogy Page at the University of Michigan.
General Anthropology. ANTHRO-L is a forum for general discussions of anthropology for academics. It is maintained by Patrick S. M. Miller. The body of the message should be subscribe ANTHRO-L firstname lastname.
EthnoForum. ETHMUS-L is a global ethnomusicology forum. It is available by approval only to professors, graduate students, researchers and librarians interested in ethnomusicology. For information contact Karl Signell. It is archived. The body of the message should be subscribe ETHMUS-L firstname lastname.
Ethnomusicology Online. This is a multimedia e-journal for both scholars and the general public. It includes peer-reviewed articles and reviews, general articles, links to ethnomusicology resources, and examples of Web-assisted teaching. For information contact Karl Signell. Mirror.
Oral Traditions List. ORTRAD-L seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for open disc ussion and exchange of resources in the general field of studies in oral tradition. All those interested in the world's living oral traditions (e.g., African, Hispanic, Native American, etc.) or in texts with roots in oral tradition (e.g., the Old and New Testaments, the Mahabharata, the Iliad and Odyssey, Beowulf, etc.) are invited to join the conversation. This e-conference should be useful for specialists in language and literature, folklore, anthropology, history, and other areas. The body of the message should be subscribe ORTRAD-L firstname lastname.
Qualitative Antrhopology. QUALRS-L is devoted to qualitative research in the human sciences. It is owned and maintained by Judith Priessle. The body of the message should be subscribe QUALRS-L firstname lastname.
Theoretical Anthropology. This is an electronic journal that seeks to reflect the diversity of science and scholarship. Topics of interest include aspects of all subdisciplines of antrhopology: social, visual, religious, aesthetic, material culture, etc. For more information contact Thomas Fillitz and Ralph Fichtner.

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