Veranth Lab

Room 440 BPRB, 20 S 2030 E, Salt Lake City 84112

Phone: (801) 581-3789  Fax: (801) 585-3945

Research Areas

Health effects of soil and combustion-derived particulate air pollution
Fluid dynamics and characteristics of wind-blown dust


      Click for winter 2003 picture. (This was the lab group at its peak!)

John Veranth

581-3789 Office

801-278-5826 Home

435-335-7471 Boulder UT

Erin Kaser


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Main Faculty Collaborators: Garold Yost, Chris Reilly, Phil Moos, Eric Pardyak


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Research Publications Available On Line

      Correlation of in Vitro Cytokine Responses with the Chemical Composition of Soil-Derived Particulate Matter

      Inflammatory Cytokines and Cell Death in BEAS-2B Lung Cells Treated with Soil Dust, Lipopolysaccharide, and Surface-Modified Particles

Combustion Aerosols: Factors Governing Their Size and Composition and Implications to Human Health

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