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INTRODUCTION: The HNF supports education and research on Alport syndrome, and offers the irregular periodical HNF Newsletter. While a small organization, the HNF has since 1978 provided essential seed money for laboratory and clinical research projects at University of Utah and other institutions.
Note:  This site was initiated and maintained by Dr. Curtis L. Atkin who passed away on January 23, 2000.  It was most recently amended by David Barker on May 29, 2000.


About Alport Syndrome:

The Alport Syndrome Home Page focuses on medical and genetics resources at the University of Utah and elsewhere.

Coordinator of the HNF:
Mr Kay R. Johnson
1390 West 6690 South, #202H
Murray, UT 84123-6914
Voice and fax 801-262-5901

Coordinator of the HNF - North Carolina Branch:
Mrs Dana Richman

Gene Testing & Reproductive Choices

Index to HNF NEWSLETTER Articles on the Web

Organ Donation: Information and Cards

Personal Stories of Alport Syndrome. Sunny Brooke can be contacted through the Alport Delphi site where she is known as Becca6, Dr. Atkin and Cousin F are deceased. Dr Faber's, Mr Ogonowski's, and Mr Blackton's stories include addresses.


Resources Regarding Hearing Loss

Webmaster's Comments: Version of May 29,2000. Please send Alport materials and comments to David Barker. I cannot respond regarding your personal health: see your nephrologist!